3T  Warrior Academy is a full service mindset and fitness movement, with a passion for helping people improve their lives through mental and physical health.

Improve Your Health

3T Fitness is designed to help clients lose unwanted body fat, increase energy while improving the overall health.

Improve Your Look

3T Fitness is about helping the clients build lean muscle and improve their overall body composition. We place a heavy focus on helping the clients reduce stubborn belly fat and creating a strong core.

Improve Your Mind

It really starts here! Until you change your subconscious mind, with its deep rooted patterns, addictions, and behaviors, no matter how good the fitness program and nutrition plan, you will fail with your physical health goals.

45 Minute Workout

3T Fitness is the best 45 minute workout in the fitness industry. Clients are taken through a 45 minute workout that hits all critical aspects of muscle building and fat loss. The key to the 45 minute workout is the combination of weight training and high intensity cardio to turn the client’s body into a fat burning machine all day.

Group Fitness

In person, and soon online, clients will join a dynamic group fitness class that is fun, exciting and most of all a supportive community. This workout is for everyone, from beginners to advanced clients, the 3T Fitness program is designed for each client to train at their own pace and fitness level. At 3T Fitness we leave no client behind!

3T Fitness 

Fat Mobilization & Human Optimization

Coach JV created 3T Fitness, a fat mobilizing system, which helps clients shed unwanted body fat, increase energy, and improve health. Clients will be provided education on mindset and the benefits of 3T Fitness. T1 Timing of your foods, T2 Targeted Nutrition, and T3 Triggered workouts.

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